KineticFusion was initially designed as a fast and efficient way of programmatically creating Flash content from external data sets. The chosen input format was XML and, in order to ensure the XML representation was complete, I first created a full Flash decompiler for vector, media, and ActionScript content within the SWF.

Over the following 4 years, the product was extended to provide support for all new versions of Flash, adding an ActionScript 2.0 compiler and component support. In 2007, KineticFusion moved to a new home at QDC technologies for integration into their Qmecom platform.

The original KineticFusion documentation is still available. More...

Mapping - a GML to SWF Transcoder

Back when I was still considering the future directions of KineticFusion, I wrote a GML parser using RelaxNG to look at converting Geographic Markup Language (GML) documents to Flash. The problem quickly became apparent that the representation and resolution of GML documents were not a good fit for the Flash Player - it would be necessary to dramatically optimize the vector content before creating a Flash SWF. This gave rise to the Mapping Server project. Further information and sample output is available.More...

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