If a picture speaks a thousand words, let us start with an example. The map below was produced from Geographic Markup Language (GML) sample data from the Ordnance Survey Office in the UK and clipped to approx 600 metres by 600 metres. But it's more than an image - it's a Flash map. To see the difference, right-click on it and zoom in.

All map vector data reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey® on behalf of The Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. © Crown copyright 2002. All rights reserved.


The KineticFusion Mapping Server technology was created by Kinesis Software to illustrate the power of Flash as a representation for vector mapping. Features of the the KineticFusion Mapping Server include:

  • Full region clipping support
  • Advanced simplification and merging algorithms for polygon reduction
  • Multidirectional text rendering
  • Full support for all standard Ordance Survey symbols
  • Dashed line support
  • Complex vector fills for all area types
  • Multi-layer output
  • Optimized SWF generation capabilities.


Using raw Geographic Markup Language (GML) source documents, KineticFusion is capable of translating GML to SWF in a single step reducing a 29MB document file to an SWF map that is less that 100K. In every case, the SWF is smaller than the corresponding GIF image for the same dimensions, yet the SWF map is completely zoomable to any resolution. Rather than take our word for it, use any screen capture utility on the above map to see what we mean.


And, incidentally, the above map, including text and symbols is 71K only.


View the map embedded in a flex viewer with corresponding satellite image.



If you would like to learn more about KineticFusion Mapping technology please contact me.